We provide performance-based solutions to our advertisers. Our offerings include:

  • Cost per Sale
  • Cost per Lead
  • Cost per registration
  • Cost per sign-up
  • Cost per call
  • Cost per download…..

Our products include:

dgmPro: Cutting edge proprietary online performance ad serving & tracking solution

dgmPro is our online marketing software solution, it provides Advertiser & Publishers signed up on the dgmPerformance network with a publisher marketing application. Once you have been approved to join the network you are given an online account to manage your activity.

With dgmPro you can carry out the majority of functions within 3 clicks. Our technology has been designed specifically with our affiliates in mind, with whom we regularly consult during development updates.

Here are some of the key benefits:

Join and manage all your campaigns through one screen with intuitive icon navigation
Monitor, analyse and optimise your performance
View the commission you have earned
Optimise creative delivery via a range of banner group options with creative weighting
Dedicated section for XML feeds & creatives
View and compare latest campaign information
Receive guidance every step of the way with a simple ‘Help’ section
‘Getting started’ section – a beginner’s guide to being an affiliate

DGmatix: Cutting edge premium display advertising serving & tracking solution