Publisher Solutions : Increase your traffic and generate more revenues from your ad inventory through our advertising network. We will help you with optimisation, monitoring and evaluation of your online inventory by providing you with attractive deals from a plethora of advertisers on our network.

Why join dgm as an Affiliate?

By joining DGM as an Affiliate you benefit from the following:

  • • Accesses to the India’s leading online advertising programs – we only take on programs, which we know will work for our affiliates and advertisers
  • • Attractive commission rates across all programs, with additional rewards and bonuses for top performers
  • • Dedicated account management and consultancy on individual programs
  • • Ongoing support and communication from our Publisher support team – including latest news updates, new program launches, workshops, and events
  • • Keep control over your campaigns via our proprietary system – dgPerform, which enables you to:
    1. Join and manage all your campaigns through one screen with intuitive icon navigation
    2. Monitor, analyse and optimise your performance
    3. View the commission you have earned
    4. Optimise creative delivery via a range of banner group options with creative weighting
    5. Dedicated section for XML feeds &creatives
    6. View and compare latest campaign information
    7. Receive guidance every step of the way with a simple ‘Help’ section
    8. ‘Getting started’ section – a beginner’s guide to being an affiliate