Advertiser Solutions :dgm India offers to its advertisers affiliate program to develop a virtual sales force using one of our turnkey affiliate marketing products, whereby advertisers promote their products via relevant and top performing affiliates /publishers. We work very closely with Advertisers and Affiliates / publishers to maximise sales and Return on Investment (ROI) while protecting advertisers’ brand with a set of rules and regulations.

. Increase in sales  and Return on Investment
. Top quality traffic from relevant websites
. Control over spends on online advertising
. Reduced customer acquisition cost
. Pay only for Performance

Agency Solutions : dgm India offers a fully managed performance network for promoting your Agencies’ clients via relevant, top-performing affiliates. dgm India will works closely with the agency, the client and affiliates to maximise sales and ROI, whilst protecting your client’s brand and ensuring compliance with their rules and objectives

We provide performance-based solutions to our advertisers. Our offerings include:

  • Cost per Sale
  • Cost per Lead
  • Cost per registration
  • Cost per sign-up
  • Cost per call
  • Cost per download…..